Proposal writing

Leah Chmielewski

Leah Chmielewski leverages her 15+ years of research and development, technology, strategy, and government experience to provide program management, business development, lead generation, competitive analysis, and bids and proposal support to small businesses to help grow businesses and win contracts and grants, such as SBIRs and STTRs. She has helped win over $40 million in defense government contracts and has managed customer relationships for both hardware and software research and development efforts, from bids and pipeline planning through test and evaluation to procurement. She previously served over 10 years as a federal employee for the Department of Defense in strategic planning, contingency planning, program management, international liaison, and operations, to include assignments in Afghanistan and US Embassy Berlin. She is a board member of Michigan Ross School of Business Alumni Club Denver, fluent German speaker, tech innovation enthusiast, and loves making connections – whether ideas, people, companies, opportunities, or ways forward.


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