A Request from Governor Polis’ Team

Dan Powers, Executive Director at CO-LABS, is working with Governor Polis’ team to secure three clinical directors who would be willing to serve on a Laboratory Developed Test Rapid Response team. These individuals would need to meet the qualifications to serve as the director of a CLIA certified lab and would assess new Laboratory Developed Tests for COVID-19.
Additionally, Children’s Hospital is in need of staff (masters level and bachelors level) who can run and help run COVID-19 samples. They are running samples for their hospital and several other systems and need additional staff to ramp up capacity even more. 

Laboratory Developed Test Rapid Response Team:

  • 3 clinical lab directors or equivalent (must meet qualification necessary to run a CLIA lab and be capable of quickly assessing the validity of new laboratory developed tests)

Children’s Hospital:

  • 4 molecular microbiologists with MLS or MB(ASCP) or Equivalent (needed to perform SARS-CoV-2 testing)
  • 4 technologists with MLS(ASCP) or equivalent (to support specimen processing of test samples upon arrival, auxiliary testing to support the outbreak)
  • 4 lab assistants – high school diploma or above (to support specimen entry into the system, including account creation and management)
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