GIS research, analysis and strategy development

Wayne Kocina

Wayne Kocina, a seasoned industry veteran with more than twenty years of experience in GIS, founded GeoWize in 2003. As CEO, he is responsible for the overall operations of GeoWize. The company’s mission is to provide better information for better decisions to small and middle sized business giving them the same competitive advantage that the “big guys” have! Wayne has provided GIS services and consulted for such companies as Target, Big O Tires, Smiling Moose Deli, Vom Fass, US West, Qwest, Unisys (France), Telebras (Brazil) & Telebras – CpQD, Idea Integration, the City of Littleton, numerous other cities and communities, and hundreds of small businesses. Wayne is one of the founding members and the GIS component of the Economic Gardening National Strategic Research Team (EG-NSRT). He is currently working with twenty one state-wide EG programs, and numerous community programs. Wayne has managed a $100M GIS development & deployment project, vehicle tracking projects, spatial enterprise data projects, and more than one thousand site prospecting, competitive intelligence, and market intelligence projects using ESRI’s ArcGIS and Business Analyst tools coupled with demographic, income, spending, market & spatial data from the world’s leading providers of this data. These are the same tools that many of the biggest and most successful retail business use to give them a real “competitive advantage” over their competitors.

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