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Colorado Governor's Office of Information Technology

The mission of OIS is to provide leadership in the development, delivery and maintenance of an information security program by safeguarding the state’s information assets against unauthorized use, disclosure, modification, damage or loss to support Colorado’s mission to provide secure and sustainable services.

OIS is directly aligned with the goals and objectives of the National Strategy to Secure Cyberspace. Working closely with federal, state, local and private sector partners, the Office of Information Security actively gathers and analyzes information on cyber threats and vulnerabilities that present risk to the state’s information systems or the critical information managed within.

Department of Homeland Security: US-CERT: United State Computer Emergency Readiness Team

Resources for Small and Midsize Businesses (SMB)

Cybersecurity is critical to any business enterprise, no matter how small. However, leaders of small and midsize businesses (SMB) often do not know to begin, given the scope and complexity of the issue in the face of a small staff and limited resources. To help business leaders get started, DHS has provided a list of top resources specially designed to help SMBs recognize and address their cybersecurity risks.

Federal Communications Commission (FCC): Cybersecurity for Small Business
Federal Small Biz Cyber Planner

This tool helps businesses create custom cybersecurity plans. The Small Biz Cyber Planner includes information on cyber insurance, advanced spyware, and how to install protective software.

Geographically-Specific Resources

This collection of cyber resources from various levels of government can help small and midsize businesses recognize and address their cyber risks.

Internet Essentials for Business 2.0

This guide for business owners, managers, and employees focuses on identifying common online risks, best practices for securing networks and information, and what to do when a cyber incident occurs. For more information, please visit this link here.

NACD Cyber-Risk Oversight Handbook

The National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD), in conjunction with AIG and the Internet Security Alliance, has identified five steps all leadership and management teams should consider as they seek to enhance their oversight of cyber risks.

National Initiative for Cybersecurity Careers and Studies
  • National Initiative for Cybersecurity Careers and Studies recently re-designed their website. This site includes training information with over 3,000 courses you can search to locate a cyber-specific course near you to enhance your skills and knowledge. You can become a course vendor and have courses added to the course catalog at no cost.
  • On this website, you can also learn about the National Cybersecurity Workforce Framework. This Framework breaks down the cyber field into various competencies which in turn help students understand which area of cyber they want to join and what to study in school. It helps the businesses and governments hiring these graduates because they can better post jobs with the appropriate language aligning to the Framework, thereby hiring the correct talent as well.
  • For government employees (include state and local) as well as for veterans, there is a link for the Federal Virtual Training Environment, a portal with free online cybersecurity courses for employees looking to enhance their cyber skills and training opportunities.
National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
Small Business Administration (SBA) Training

This 30 minute, self-paced training exercise provides an introduction to securing information in small businesses.


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