Past Live Stream Workshop Recordings

Introduction to the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Program

This webinar provides both novice and more experienced R&D companies with helpful insights, information, tips and tricks to be successful in the SBIR Program. The SBIR Program can be one of the best ways to obtain seed capital or investment, without having to give up shares or ownership, into your innovative technology company. However, the SBIR program is highly competitive, and it can present a learning curve to understand the program and how to apply. This webinar provides an overview on the SBIR Program as it stands today, what to expect if you’re an SBIR participant, best practices for succeeding with SBIR contracts and instructions on how best to successfully propose, then manage, your contract. This valuable webinar is a great refresher as well as provides new information to seasoned SBIR companies. It is recommended for owners, contract managers, engineers and business development for innovative R&D companies with under 500 employees.

Presented by Stephanie Amend
Founder/Executive Consultant of Arrowhead Solutions

Stephanie Amend is the Founder of Arrowhead Solutions, LLC; a full service solutions provider for government contractors. Amend founded Arrowhead Solutions in 2009 after holding contract management positions in both government and private industry. Arrowhead was formed with the goal of providing companies with the extra knowledge and manpower they need to succeed in the world of government contracting. Specializing in capture management, proposal preparation, contract management, subcontracts, accounting and compliance, Arrowhead provides skill sets not commonly available to many smaller government contractors.

What You Need to Know About Technology Commercialization for SBIR Grants

Technology springs from an idea that poses a solution to a problem. To successfully commercialize technology, you need to progress from that specific solution to a more general product that creates value for customers. To move from idea to product to revenue, businesses need to identify their customers and requirements, how to reach them and deliver a valued solution to their problem. This session provides steps to commercialization and resources to support your strategic efforts.

Presented by Ed Kase
EKase Consulting

Ed Kase is a strategic planning and business development executive with more than 20 years of B2B experience. This experience spans various technologies, including aerospace systems, scientific instrumentation, industrial equipment, software, medical devices, and pharmaceutical technologies. Ed has held leadership roles in a number of functional areas including marketing, sales, and consulting services. In addition to his consulting practice, Ed provides services to client companies through the Colorado Small Business Development Center and TechLink, as well as through Foresight Science & Technology. He also serves as a judge for various business plan competitions, including the Advanced Industries Accelerator programs for the State of Colorado Office of Economic Development & International Trade. Ed received his BS in mechanical engineering from Clarkson University and his MBA from Colorado State University.